Life is going to happen, some things we have no control over. How we react to life is what’s most important.

Registration: $175 per school

Up to 10 participants

Participants will be able to:

  • Understand the impact of trauma on children and families
  • Have an understanding of the prevalence, characteristics, and impact on children & families
  • Identify strategies and treatment approaches to address trauma-related symptoms/problems in children
  • Receive valuable giveaways!

Three Guest Speakers

Elaine Smith, NCC, LCPC, CCTP

WORKSHOP: Trauma 101: Signs, Symptoms & Causes

Lately, we’ve been hearing the word trauma used with more frequency. But what exactly is trauma and what is its impact, particularly upon communities of color? This workshop will provide a comprehensive definition of trauma, the signs, symptoms and root causes of trauma and explore healing strategies. We will look at trauma through the lens of current issues such as COVID-19, repeated episodes of police brutality and racism.

WORKSHOP: Resetting Your Norms

We have been navigating uncharted waters over the last few months, between COVID19, the murder of George Floyd (and other Black and Brown people) and the reigniting of the Civil Rights Movement; we’ve been forced to reset ourselves and adapt to a new normal. As we begin to adapt to a “New Normal” let’s start by engaging in a norm setting workshop that will help us learn how to have honest  and courageous dialogues with ourselves and others. It’s time to reset our NORMS.

Crystal Winfield-Edwards, LCSW

Crystal Winfield-Edwards, LCSW

Dr. Kimberly Weatherly

WORKSHOP: Higher Education Responses to Coronavirus: How to Navigate Your Student’s Experience

 The outbreak of the coronavirus has become a major disruption to colleges and universities across the country. The pandemic threatens to significantly alter nearly every aspect of college life, from admissions, enrollment to collegiate athletics and the first year experience for new students. This session will provide strategies on how to navigate our new normal.

Building Resilience In the Midst of COVID-19

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