I see you, bruthas and sistahs!  With your lion locs flowing in the breeze, donning your red cape and rocking your parent super powers. YOU are some baaaaad bruthas and sistahs; a force to be reckoned with! A fierce protector of your family. What’s this? The dastardly COVID-19 is prowling the earth trying to break down your immune system and destroy your family.  Panic sets in!  The government institutes a shutdown and no one is allowed to leave their home.  Life as we know it has changed; the world has gone dark.

GASP! Without hesitation, you swoop into action.  You are keeping your sugar babies sheltered-in-place, while simultaneously facilitating e-learning. Meanwhile, COVID-19 is cooking up another evil plan to destroy families…  Aha! Not enough people are staying at home, so that means the kids can’t return to school at the end of the month.  And we all know that when parents are frustrated and kids are at home bored, their resistance is low and COVID-19 will rule the day. Not so fast!  You are on the scene, kicking butt and taking names! YOU determined that this is a time to reconnect with your family and what better way to connect with your family than to have some FUN!

You and the kids are playing indoor volleyball; you’re getting dressed up and taking family photos; you’re planning and cooking simple meals together; you got movie night on lock;  you’re doing arts and crafts together; you’re playing Monopoly and other board games with the family; you’re rediscovering nature activities in your backyard; you’re spending time studying the bible together;  you’re playing Family Feud and watching family-oriented shows on TV; and you’re having fun just being silly together.  You and your family are WINNING!!  “Curses!”  snarls COVID-19  “Those super-parents are trying to break my stronghold! My diabolical scheme isn’t working!”  Bruthas and sistahs you slay the day!  


Always remember that one of the best ways to keep your family’s mental and emotional health lifted is to spend time playing together as a family!

* Featured Image is artwork created by Marcus Williams

Written by Dena Chapman

Dena Chapman is a writer, editor and seasoned blogger on a mission to be a voice of strength and tranquility in an otherwise noisy world. When she is not tinkering with words, she can be found busting a ballet move in her home work office. Dena is the proud mother of two young adults, Joshua and Malachi- and her dog, Thor. Contact Dena at msdena01@gmail.com.