When I was pregnant with my first child, I had horrible, reoccurring morning sickness for my first trimester; this condition is known as hyperemesis. For the first three months, every morning, like clockwork, I threw up repeatedly. My diet was reduced to saltine crackers and popsicles. I wretched so much that my sides ached and I became dehydrated. Mentally and emotionally, I was a wreck; I cried every day in fear that I would lose my first child, my beloved son.

My mama was by my side day and night, rocking me in her arms, willing me to push through, wiping my tears, cleaning me up after I wretched and praying over me. My mama read to me from the bible the Book of Joshua, while she consoled me- Joshua was the name chosen for my soon-to-be-son. My mama was my rock during that challenging time in my life. Were I to look up the word mother in the dictionary, there would be a picture of my magnificent mother and the definition would likely read, “a bridge over troubled water (she is my safety); a constant companion; a light in the darkness; a nurse mate on a sickbed; a coach on the front lines; a warrior in battle; a strong tower of grace and unshakeable faith.” That is who my mother has been for me and that is who I try to be for my own children.

For every mother reading this blog, we all have a story to share about motherhood. Some of our stories are stories like mine- a story that sings the praises of an endearing mother. Stories of great perseverance and strength in a struggle; a labor of love stories. While others of us may share a reminisce of a beloved mom gone too soon. We may even choose to share a story of what we’ve learned along the way on our own motherhood journey. Good, bad or different, how we were parented or mothered has had a significant impact on the mother that we are today and the mother we are yet becoming. When we share stories about motherhood, we give ourselves and other mothers permission to pause and appreciate the gift of motherhood. That’s something we don’t spend enough time doing, reflecting on the joys and the blessings of being a mother and how we’ve been stretched and strengthened along the way.

Today, as you celebrate your mother (or the mother figure in your life) or as you are being celebrated, take a moment to share a story of motherhood with another mother or your family. What is the story you will one day tell your children about being a mother? What does that story say about you and who you’ve become, or are yet becoming?

Mother, Mama, Mommy, Madre, Ma Dear, Big Mama, Mom, we love you and we salute you for fiercely loving, protecting, guiding, nurturing, empowering, supporting, and sacrificing for your children. On behalf of District Outreach Initiatives, we joyfully wish you a HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!

Written by Dena Chapman

Dena Chapman is a writer, editor and seasoned blogger on a mission to be a voice of strength and tranquility in an otherwise noisy world. When she is not tinkering with words, she can be found busting a ballet move in her home work office. Dena is the proud mother of two young adults, Joshua and Malachi- and her dog, Thor. Contact Dena at [email protected].